A 165 m² Villa for 8 persons
located in Villeneuve lès Avignon,
departement Gard ,
5 Km from Avignon,
where you can relax next to the
swimming-pool in a quiet area.


A 4 ensuite bedrooms with , 1 bathroom, 3 shower-rooms, 2 toilets, utility-room, private car-park, swimming-pool (4x8), garden (1300 m²), patio (400 m²).
Animals are not allowed.

The house, approved 3 ears "Gites de France", is situated in a quiet residential area, 10 minutes away from the town centre of Avignon and with a direct acces to public paths. A cleanner comes 3 hours a week and the swimming-pool is checked once a week (included in the price). The 3 ensuites bedrooms with a shower are upstairs the ensuite bedroom with a bath is downstairs.

For the 2022, season you can rent from 25-06-2022 to 27-08-2022. Minimum rental : 14 days.

Milked union between the kingdom of France and Comtat venaissin, carries from Provence to the threshold of Languedoc, Villeneuve lez Avignon is the center of a zone where more than 2000 years of history to us with the liking our displacements are devoted. We are into the center of a system of defense of the Kingdom set up by "Philippe le Bel" the Construction of a fortress of defense whose remains the famous "Philippe le Bel" tower and the "Bourg Saint André", strengthened village built on the Andaon mount around the Bénédictine abbey at the origin of the city. With the arrival of the Popes in Avignon, Villeneuve becomes Cardinalice city, with its many delivered, the construction of the "Chartreuse du Val de Bénédiction" and of the "Collégiale Notre Dame". At 5 minutes the village of the Angles and its Romance church. On the other side of the Rhone the city of the Popes and his strengthened palace which makes opposite with the fortress of Villeneuve, while its famous bridge tries a connection broken by the strength of the "fleuve-roi". At less than one half an hour, it's the Roman period which spark under our eyes with Arles, Nimes, Orange or Vaison the Roman mainly. Geographically, Villeneuve les Avignon is at less than one hour of the giant of Provence, the Ventoux mount with its 2000 meters, just like of the sea-side with the Camargue or Marseille, the old Phocéenne city.
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Le Montagné

Le Montagné

Summer rental

near Avignon

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